The Company

The Company


In 2007 we, Marian Ene and Bogdan Nicolescu, started a wild and bold journey.

Our starting projects that gave the company a strong base and help building a long life were: Memories for Romantica Channel, The Footballs Fans Championship for Prima TV, All Those Laughs for Antena 1 and Overdraft Family for TVR.

We have faced several turning points in our journey, triggered by shows we produced and here we would like to mention:

  • The Phone, awarded format with Rose D’Or and Emy Awards, which set up higher production standards for us and we kept and developed those through all our productions;
  • Benidorm Bastards, awarded format with Rose D’Or and Bafta Awards, which was one of our recognized success by the Romanian audience and built our awareness in being strong in adapting international formats for the Romanian audience taste;
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – this show gave us the opportunity to produce also for Republic of Moldavia, opening new doors and opportunities for us abroad;
  • Wheal of Fortune is the show we revived for the Romanian market and we produced 5th seasons for Kanal D. This show reinforced our adaption of an international format, skills for the media landscape and for the Romanian audience.

Last but not least, our Jewel of the Crown, considering production magnitude and performance, is Extreme Make Over: Home Edition. We are producing it for the number one station in Romania, Pro TV with exquisite shares for 2 seasons already.