25Sep 2017
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Extreme Make Over: Home


„Visuri la cheie” is an American reality television series (Extreme makeover home edition) providing home improvements for families that faced some sort of recent or ongoing hardship.
Hope’s messenger is Dragoş Bucur who’s mission is to present real life stories of the families, to live emotions with those families and to bring a little smile on their faces.

Homes of less fortunate families will be renovated by Dragoş Bucur and his experts: Alina Vîlcu, Adela Pârvu, Andrei Samoil.

Over 200 people are involved on this show: volunteers, building teams, architects, designers and decorators.
First season statistics shows that we used 300 sqm of faience and gritstone, 500 sqm of floor parquet, 2000 litres of washable paint, 25 tones of cement.

25Sep 2017
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Win Your Country!


Win Your Country! Is a 60 minutes prime time quiz show. Three contestants have to answer general knowledge questions about their

Each correct answer is helping them to conquer as much as possible from the territory of each state.

In the first 2 rounds the contestant with less points exits the game.

In the 3rd round the finalist has 5 minutes to answer as much questions as possible, conquering step by step, answer by answer more of the territory.

The prize is an amount of money multiplied with the numbers of correct answers they gave through the entire show.

18Dec 2015
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Wheel of Fortune


“Wheel of Fortune” is a game show in which three contestants compete to solve word puzzles (similar to those used in Hangman game) to win prizes and/or cash.
Three contestants take turns spinning the Wheel to determine a point value and guess a consonant, earning the value multiplied by how many times the guessed letter appears in the puzzle.
Calling a correct letter keeps the Wheel in the contestant’s control and a wrong letter passes control to the next contestant.
The Wheel is divided into 24 spaces representing point values and other strategic elements used in the show (Punishment, Lose a turn, Bankrupt etc.). Also Wheel has special good spaces: 20.000 cash, a car, surprise, other prizes (from sponsors – pairs of shoes, trips, plastics surgeries, etc.)
At the start of his/her turn, a contestant has three choices: spin the Wheel, buy a vowel or solve the puzzle.
When a contestant correctly solves a puzzle keeps the points earned on that round and the other two contestant’s jackpots are erased.
After playing three rounds, the “winner” is the contestant who has won the highest score (by cumulative points). The winner then plays the “bonus round”.
In Romania, “Wheel of Fortune” is produced for KanalD. The host of the show is Liviu Varciu who is successfully assisted by Ana Maria Barnoschi.

18Dec 2015
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Old and Restless


“Old and restless” – a comedy show broadcasted on Prima TV is an original format “Benidorm Bastards” developed by Shelter and distributed in Romania by SevenOneInternational.

The format won : International Emmy Award Winner 2011: ‘Best Comedy’

Rose d’Or Winner 2010: ‘Best Comedy’ & ‘Best Programm’

C21/FRAPA Award 2010: ‘Best Comedy’

“Old and Restless” is an edgy hidden camera show starring seven senior citizens who roam the streets with a mission: to pull a fast one on young people.

In sketches that are as absurd as they are hilarious, the “Old and Restless” turn the tables. The young farts don’t know what’s hit them. This show is living proof that ageing is a relative concept.

18Dec 2015
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The show places a group of strangers in an isolated location, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The contestants are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted out by their fellow contestants, until only one remains and is given the title of “Sole Survivor” and is awarded the grand prize.

17Dec 2015
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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


“Who wants to be a millionaire ?” is a 2waytraffic format, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company with many prizes, that has a definite role in TV shows evolution all around the world.

The quality of this format was proven in ten years of existance as trade mark in over 100 countries all over the world. With huge ratings in all the countries where it has been broadcasted and produced, the show become a phenomena by the the way it combines entertainment with game, common knowledge with tension, drama with the possibility of winning a prize that has never been won before – 1 million lei !

“Who wants to be a millionaire ?”  is more than a game show : with a special image, a special background music, each edition has drama and tension when the contestants deal with the dilemma of winning or loosing large amount of monney that can change their lives.

The host of the romanian version of “Who wants to be a millionaire ?” is Virgil Ianţu and the game show is produced for KanalD.

16Dec 2015
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The Phone


In this hectic and nerve-racking race against time two candidates are pulled out of normal life and take part in an exhilarating game that takes place in a world beyond the one we all know. Somewhere in the city two separate cell phones are placed at different random locations, both phones will ring at approximately the same time…. Anyone can pick up the phone…. If they do, a voice will tell them that they can win a substantial amount of money, namely  10.000 lei! From that moment on, the two individuals who had the courage to pick up the phone will need to complete five assignments. These assignments will bring these two complete strangers together and they will try to overcome all obstacles to achieve their final goal; 10.000 lei ,but in the end only one can win.

The format won in 2009 Emmy Award for the best tv format. In Romania, “The Phone” is produced for PrimaTv and its host is Virgil Ianţu.

15Dec 2015
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Find my Family


The format “Find My Family” tries to find the answer to some questions like: “Who is my mother? “ ,” Why I was given for adaption?”, “ Where can I find my father?”,

” How does my brother look like?” . The show’s aim is to find the relatives to the one who knows nothing about his family.

The show has a special mission and the most exciting moment is that they have the chance to meet the one that will change their life and complete their soul: a mother, a son, a father, a brother and so on.

“ Find My Family” is an original format owned by KRO broadcasted in Holland 19 years ago and even in this days it is a very popular show. It was also broadcasted with success in Spain, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland , Norway but also in USA and Australia.

In Romania, KanalD was the TV channel which the show was produced for. The “Find My Family” hosts were Raluca Moianu and Eduard Petru.

14Dec 2015
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Coach Trip


The reality-show „Super Trip” unites in a coach 5 pairs of contestants who never have met before. They will travel around Romania for 9 weeks. Andi Vasluianu is their tour guide and he is the one who eggs the pairs on taking in the famous sights and experience of our country.
The activities that the contestants have to go through are various: from the funniest to the most dangerous ones. The pairs have one gowl: to stay in this trip as long as possible. In this way, they have the opportunity to visit more roumanian sightseeings.
The tourists are from different backgrounds, they have opposite characters acting differently in the same situation but they have to live togheter as close companions along the journey.
The contest is easy to follow: at the every end of an episode, the pairs have to vote, face to face, for their least favourite travel companion. Gain the most votes twice and the least liked couple is sent home to be replaced by a new pair.
Alliances form, disputes, a lot of fun and beautiful places to discover – all these mean Super Trip!

13Dec 2015
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Help! I need to loose Weight


Conelia Marin (diet specialist) and Stelian Tufaru (personal trainer) save the body and the soul of the ones who dayly fight with their kilos in the reality-show „Help! I want to lose weight”.

During each edition, fat persons do all the best to regain their figure and to change and replace their bad eating habits with healthy ones. The show’s experts help the people to lose weight easier with smart diet recipees, physique exercices and even simple advices and emotional support.

12Dec 2015
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SOS Save My House!


“SOS Save My House!” is a reality show produced for PrimaTv.

In an extraordinary race against time, a team formed by a designer, several professionals and a very nice and skillful host use their time and professionalism in order to rebring the style harmony in the houses of those who ask for their help.

Making all possible efforts and spending all the money they need, the room chosen by the solicitor must be redesigned in only three days and the team succeeds every single time.

Over time, “SOS Save My House!” project had succeeded to become an absolute leader in the top of these kinds of shows.

11Dec 2015
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Cabbage Tv



“Crazy Tv” is a small television broadcasting station where everything goes wrong: the shows are absolutely crazy, the ratings are low, the employees are not quite mentally sane, judging by their behavior, the technical equipment is crap and keeps on creating technical problems. Actually, “Crazy Tv” is the place where television reaches its very best in absurdity.

The show is satirizing, by pushing the limits in exaggeration, all the flaws of the modern phenomenon called television: the need for sensational, the unnecessary exposal of extreme violence, the aggressive promos for the celebrities and public figures, the cheap voyeurism of the reality TV shows, the boring tendency of the talk-shows to split hairs about nothing, the aggressive self-promo of the television networks, and so on.

“Crazy Tv” is produced for KanalD.

11Dec 2015
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Don’t Ask Me, Ask My Partner


“Don’t Ask Me, Ask My Partner” is an entertain show for lovers where four couples compete for the big prize: a beautiful new car.
Couples have to go over five games: four are individual, two for men and two for women and the final game is for couple.
Couples will find out how much they know each other. They have to bet about partner’s development on the game.
The fact that the competing couples do not hear each other is one of the most important building blocks of the show and with this in mind the set had been designed. They have to bet without consulting their partner.
Games are made for testing partner’s skills: dexterity, strength, equilibrium, resistance or rapidity. For winning the game partners try to accomplish the bet made by the other.


11Dec 2015
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Killer Karaoke


Stefan Stan is the tv host for Killer Karaoke, an american show sold in order to be brodcasted in 100 states.
For many people to sing live on a stage is a real challenge.
The contestants of Killer Karaoke must not stop from singing while something is going wrong around them or even with them.
Each edition is formed by 3 rounds and a final. During each round, there are two contestants who sing, one after another, while they are expose to a shock therapy, they make acquaintace with some unfriendly snakes or they have to cool down in front of three powerful fans. At the end of every round, the public is the one who decides which one of the two contastants will remain in the show.
In the final the three semi-finalists votted by the audience have to sing together a hit while they make efforts to stand up on a moving disk.
Only one contestant can win the big prize which it’s equal with the seconds that the contestant succedes to stay on the disk.

10Dec 2015
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The Taming of the Shrew


The “Taming of the Shrew” is a reality show, produced for Prima Tv.

In every show we follow a case in which the wife is a real shrew. The husband is terrorized but because he loves her, he calls a coach specialized in taming of a Shrew.

The quarrels between them will transform the show in a humoristic spectacle of day to day life.

In the first part of the program, the coach will demonstrate his special methods in taming of the shrew. The husband must watch and learn while the coach must find the emotional points of the shrew.

In the second part of the reality show, the husband must apply himself what he had already learned.

In the end we will see the result – if the shrew will be tamed or not.

10Dec 2015
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The Sour Patch



In the beginning of a marriage everything is going swimmingly, but there comes a time when the quarrel represents the only subject of discussion between husband and wife. When everything seems to be without escape, there is one person who has the solution to solve the couple’s problem. This person is not a psychologist, but the mother in law also known , in the romanian folklore, as “the sour patch”.

The mother in law is taking for serious her purpose and for one week she is doing all her best to bring peace, love and happiness into the young couple.

“The Sour Patch” is a weekly reality show of 75 minutes, full of humor, tears, conflicts and elements which can change your life for good.

“The Sour Patch” is produced for National Tv.

10Dec 2015
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The Secrecy of Health and Beauty



“The Secrecy  of Health and Beauty”- is a 44 minutes show broadcasted on B1TV and hosted by Dr. Lucia Bubulac.

The show offers solutions based on natural treatment  for some classic diseases. Better to say, it presents what benefits the vegetables, fruits and plants have for health and beauty  and also, it promotes the importance of having a good and healthy nutrition. The show presents some revolutionary treatments, modern interventions and specialized advices and so, it succeeds to bring the medical science more closer to the people. The guests are important doctors and scientists promoting the natural treatment.

10Dec 2015
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The Hypnotic World




“The Hypnotic World” is an entertaining, comedic reality format where ordinary people find themselves doing rather extraordinary things. The show was produced for PrimaTv.

Eight members of the studio audience are hypnotised and become the stars of the show. Without any rehearsal, the Hypnotist Presenter transforms them into the most outrageous and spontaneous performers. They become the participants of many tried and tested hypnotic comedy routines and become funnier than they or their friends ever thought possible!

The eight hypnotised participants will believe whatever the hypnotist tells them. They may suddenly find themselves talking and behaving like a Martian; conducting and imaginary orchestra; believing a football has turned into a rabbit or singing like Elvis Presley. A hypnotic trance, under the controlled and safe entertainment conditions of “The Hypnotic World”, is so powerful it can be used to temporarily change a person’s entire perception of everything around them.

As wells as the laugh-out-loud entertainment of “The Hypnotic World”, the format has another major hook for a prime time television audience – the sheer fascination and wonder of the power of hypnosis. It is an other worldly, almost paranormal phenomenon with a jaw dropping curiosity factor. Even sceptical viewers will watch and marvel at the outlandish antics of eight totally unrehearsed members of the public performing like seasoned comedy entertainers.

10Dec 2015
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The Eye of the Mother in Law


“The Eye of the Mother in Law” is a successful combination of good humour, domestic conflicts and especially important life lessons. Is the husband too lazy or the wife is crying out all the time that he is watching tv all day long? This is only an exemple of a couple conflict and there is only one person who can bring peace – The Mother in Law. During one week, mother in law is trying to calm down “the war situation”. Her methods are well-known, such as: nagging, going through couple’s personal things and putting her nose where it does not boil the pot.
“The Eye of the Mother in Law” is a reality show produced for Antena 1.

10Dec 2015
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Silent Library


In every episode of this hilarious game show, a group of six friends arrive at the library, where they sit together around a large table to play pranks. From the moment they walk through the door, a strict librarian watches over them to make sure that they observe the rules of library and remain silent at all times. Whatever they do, they must not disturb the library’s other users.

And no matter how unpleasant the challenge is, the contestant isn’t allowed to help or shout or make any noise at all… and no matter how funny it is, their friends mustn’t laugh. After all, it’s a real library.

“Silent Library” was produced for B1Tv.