19Jun 2021
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Extreme Make Over: Home Edition

Extreme Make Over: Home Edition is a reality-show that features families in dire straits who receives a total makeover of their house.

Over than 200 people are involved in this show: volunteers, teams of builders, architects, interior designers and decorators.

Dragoş Bucur, the host of the show, is the messenger of hope. He has the noble mission to spotlight the life stories behind each edition, to live emotions with those families and to bring a little smile on their faces.

During the 8 seasons of the show, engineer Florin Brînzan built countless houses together with the team of architects and designers:

Seasons 1 and 2 – 2014 and 2015

Andrei Samoilă (architect), Alina Vîlcu (architect), Adela Pârvu (interior designer)

Season 3 –  2016

Omid Ghannadi (architect), Alina Vîlcu (architect), Adela Pârvu (interior designer), Dragoș Isăcescu (landscape architect)

Season 4 – 2017

Omid Ghannadi (architect), Alina Vîlcu (architect), Adela Pârvu (interior designer)

Season 5 – 2018

Corneliu Ulici (host), Ciprian Vlaicu (architect), Valentin Ionașcu (architect), Cristina Joia (interior designer), Adela Pârvu (interior designer)

Seasons 6 and 7 – 2019 and 2020

Omid Ghannadi (architect), Valentin Ionașcu (architect), Cristina Joia (interior designer), Alina Vîlcu (architect), Laura Boghiu (architect)

Season 8 – 2021

Alexandru Gavrilescu (architect), Alina Vîlcu (architect), Cristina Joia (interior designer), Laura Boghiu (architect), Andra Marinescu (architect)

Extreme Make Over: Home Edition is an original Endemol Shine format. The show has been on air on Pro TV since 2015, in a most successful run, rewarded by the TV Mania Magazine as “The Best Reality-Show” of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020 years.

19Jun 2021
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Win Your Country!

Win Your Country! is a 48-minutes studio-based quiz show, a competition between three contestants who get presented with general knowledge questions related to a specific country.

The purpose? Each correct answer helps the contestants “conquer” the country, county by county. At the end of each round, the contestant with the fewest correct answers gets eliminated. Those two who will leave the competition can win an amount of money by answering to supplementary questions.

In round three, the finalist gets three minutes to answer as many questions as possible to win money. The prize of the edition consists of a specific sum of money multiplied by the number of counties conquered by him during the whole competition.

The finalist has also the option to return the following edition and to stay in the game until eliminated by another contender.

The finalist who manages to win ten consecutive editions gets the Grand Prize of the Show – a car.

Win Your Country! is an original Zucchero Media format. It debuted the public channel TVR2 in 2017. Virgil Ianțu has been the host of the show since its premiere.

In 2017 and 2020, TV Mania magazine named Win Your Country! as The Best Game Show on TV, based on a readers’ poll.

In 2017, Win Your Country! took part in the Eurovision Creative Forum, organized by EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

A year later, the show was selected to compete in the finals of the International Format Awards 2018, in the category “Best Studio-Based Game Show Format”.

19Jun 2021
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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a game show very simple to play: contestants have to solve word puzzles in order to win prizes as electronics, home appliances, amounts of money or the big prize – a car.
Wheel of Fortune is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin that debuted in 1975. The show that ranks as the longest-running game show, won Five Emmy Awards and was successfully adapted in more than 60 countries.

In Romania, Wheel of Fortune is produced for Kanal D. Since the premiere in 2012 the show had two hosts: Liviu Vârciu (first two years) and Adrian Cristea alias Bursucu’ (from 2015 till present) with the unique beautiful assistant Ana Maria Barnoschi.

19Jun 2021
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The National Folk Star

The National Folk Star is the first talent show in Romania dedicated exclusively to folklore – folk music and traditions. The folk singers are competing for the title of National Folk Star and a prize of 100,000 lei.

With talented contenders and an impressive setting, The National Folk Star is a show that promotes national identity and, above all, offers quality entertainment guaranteed to attract both conservative audiences and younger audiences. In the preliminary stages, five folk artists from all over the country fight for a place in the semi-finals. The Grand Finale sees only one winner, the artist who will take home the title of National Folk Star.

Iuliana Tudor hosts the show, whereas a panel of judges oversees the eliminations and decides the winner. The judges are beloved and respected folkore experts: Elise Stan, Cornelia Rednic, Niculina Stoican, Grigore Leșe and Bogdan Mihai Simion. In previous seasons, the jury also included Mircea Dinescu, Laura Lavric and Constantin Enceanu.

Co-hosts of the show, Lucian Ghimişi and Dan Clucinschi help the contestants to deal with their emotions.

A fan favourite, the show also won some of the most significant television awards in Romania: the TV Mania award for “Best Talent Show” and the Media Radar award in the “Best Entertainment Show” category.

The National Folk Star is an original television format developed by the public channel TVR together with Zucchero Media. The show premiered in the prime-time slot in October 2017 on TVR1 reaching the sixth season in 2021.

19Jun 2021
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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a reality-show that catches people while at work. Each episode features a person of the upper management of a large company who goes undercover for a week as an entry-level employee to discover the realities of their business.

At the end of the apprentice week, after he will find out the problems his people experiencing and the efforts they are making, the Boss reveals his identity and rewards his loyal employees through promotions, financial aids, or better working conditions.

The experience is intended to change not only the Boss’s views on his business but also the way employees view their role in the company and their workplace.

Among the companies that participated in the show are Blue Air, BGS, Alka, Fan Courier, Râureni, Electrica SA, Glovo, Spartan.

Undercover Boss is an original Studio Lambert format, broadcasted by PRO TV since 2019.

19Jun 2021
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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? is an international TV game show that marked a significant route in the evolution of TV formats worldwide.

With huge ratings in all the countries where it has been broadcasted and produced, the show become a phenomena by the way it combines entertainment with the game, common knowledge with tension, drama with the possibility of winning a prize that has never been won before: 1 million lei !

The contestants need to answer 15 questions, of different difficulty levels, with four helpful options, called lifelines: “50-50”; “Phone a friend”; “Ask the Audience” and “Switch the Question”.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? is more than a game show: with a special image, a special background music, each edition has drama and tension when the contestants deal with the dilemma of winning or losing large amount of money that can change their lives.

The show premiered in 2011 on Kanal D, hosted by Virgil Ianțu for 3 seasons.

After a short season at another channel (Prima TV in 2014), the show returns on Kanal D in 2018 with Teo Trandafir as host.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? is an original 2waytraffic format by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company.

The show is also a multiple award winner worldwide. Romania is not an exception as it was awarded by TV Mania Magazine “Best Game Show” in 2011.

19Jun 2021
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Survivor – Hell from Paradise is a reality-show that features a group of people forced to live together on isolated islands where food, water, fire and shelter are scarce.

Produced for the first time in Romania and hosted by Dragoș Bucurenci, the show follows the progress of a group of people competing on an isolated island in the Philippines.

Divided into two teams, the participants compete in strenuous physical challenges for rewards and immunity. Each week a member leaves the game, voted out by his teammates at the Tribal Council. Contestants get eliminated one by one until there is only one left, named “Sole Survivor” and the winner of 100,000 euros.

Survivor – Hell from Paradise was well received, especially by the young audience. It also paved the way for reality shows filmed in difficult living conditions, in exotic places.

Survivor – Hell from Paradise is a local version of the successful international format “Survivor” created by Charlie Parsons. The show aired on PRO TV in 2016.

19Jun 2021
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Benidorm Bastards


Benidorm Bastards is an edgy hidden camera show starring seven senior citizens (between the ages of 60 and 80) who roam the streets with a mission: to pull a fast one on young people.

Who says that senior people lose their sense of humor with age? In this out- of-the box series, young people are funnily cautioned not to underestimate their elderly because they may become easily the main character of a prank.

Benidorm Bastards is the Romanian version of the Belgian format “Benidorm Bastards” developed by Shelter and distributed by SevenOne International.

The 22-minutes comedy show aired on Prima TV between 2010-2012.

19Jun 2021
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The Phone

The Phone won the Emmy Award for “Best Television Format” in 2009.

In this hectic and nerve-racking race against time, two contestants choose to have their daily lives disrupted in order to participate in a contest that could bring them money.

Somewhere in the city, two mobile phones are placed randomly in different places. Both will ring at the same time. Anyone can pick up the phone and answer… If they do, a voice will tell them that they can earn a substantial amount of money – 10,000 lei.

If they accept the voice dare, the two people must perform five tasks. These challenges will bring the two candidates together, as they try to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goal: winning the prize of 10,000 lei. In the end, only one of them wins!

Virgil Ianţu narrates and presents the show.

The Phone is an original Park Lane TV format, aired on Prima TV in 2009.

19Jun 2021
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Match Game

Match Game is a unique game show in which six Romanian celebrities can give the contestants a 25,000 lei prize. Each edition, two contestants attempt to match their answers with those of the celebrities in a game of fill-in-the missing blank.

“The match” is achieved when a contestant and a celebrity offer similar answer to the same question.

Match Game is an original format by Fremantle Media. The show aired on Kanal D in 2017, with Jorge acting as host.

19Jun 2021
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Coach Trip

Coach Trip is a reality-show that brings together five pairs of contestants who will tour Romania by bus in 9 weeks. And since there can be no tour without a guide, here comes Andi Vasluianu to supervise them all the way! Together, they will sightsee Romania’s most beautiful places while taking time to go through the most varied activities and challenges.

There is everything for everyone in this show – from the funniest activities to the most dangerous challenges. The goal of the contestants is to remain part of the traveling group for as long as possible. At the end of each edition, a pair is sent home to be replaced with another team from next episode.

Coach Trip is an original format owned by ITV Studios (Coach Trip). It aired on PRO TV in 2015.

19Jun 2021
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Killer Karaoke

Killer Karaoke is an American game show in which contestants attempt to sing live in front of the audience and they are not allowed to stop singing regardless of the bizarre things happening on stage. Such bizarre instances may involve unfriendly snakes, having to stand against three powerful fans, or even undergoing shock therapy.

Each edition has three rounds and a final. During each round, two competitors sing in turns. After each performance, the audience votes for their favorite, until there are three contestants left.

The final round includes the three participants chosen by the public. They attempt to stay for as long as possible on the turntable while singing the song. The longer they manage to stay on the disc, the better their chances of getting the prize money.

Killer Karaoke is a Banijay format, hosted by Ștefan Stan and aired on Prima TV in 2013.

19Jun 2021
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Find My Family!

Find My family! is a TV docu-reality series that aims to fulfill the special mission of reuniting long lost families separated for many reasons and circumstances.

The show tries to answer questions such as: “Who is my mother?”, “Why was I given up for adoption?”, “Where can I find my father?”, “What do my other brothers look like?”

Find My family! reunites long lost family members and hopes to give the necessary closure to old emotional wounds.

Raluca Moianu and Eduard Petru narrated and presented the show.

Find My family! is an original KRO format, aired on Kanal D between 2011-2012.

19Jun 2021
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Silent Library

Silent Library is an international game show in which a group of six friends arrive at the Library not for studying but for the most fun playing cards.

Four rounds. Six players. After each round, there is a loser who must endure a bizarre punishment challenge. Whatever they do, they must not disturb the library’s other users.

And no matter how unpleasant the challenge is, the contestants are not allowed to help each other or shout or make any noise at all… and no matter how funny it is, their friends mustn’t laugh. After all, it’s a real Library.

The host of the show is the controversial Simona Sensual.

Silent Library is an original Sony Pictures format, aired on B1 TV in 2008.

19Jun 2021
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The Hypnotic World

The Hypnotic World is the first hypnosis show in Romania, having Vlad Grigorescu as specialist.

Eight people chosen from the stage audience are subjects to hypnosis, becoming, therefore, the stars of the show. Without any previous rehearsal, the hypnotherapist turns them into the most spontaneous people, eager and capable of doing the most extraordinary things.

After going through several tests to put them into a trance, the eight participants will do whatever the hypnotherapist tells them to do. They could walk and talk like a Martian or they could think they are an orchestra conductor or they can even sing and dance like Elvis Presley. Nothing is left to chance in this show. The participants are safe no matter what they are required to do.

Viewers at home and the stage audience enjoy equally the show.  After the show, the participants can realize they can do things they never thought they could do.

The Hypnotic World is an original Sony Pictures format, aired on Prima TV in 2009.

19Jun 2021
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My Partner Knows!

My Partner Knows! is a TV game show aimed at couples in love. Four couples have a chance to win a car if they can prove that they worth the grand prize. During the program, the partners must demonstrate that they know each other very well, that they are spontaneous and supportive and that they are not afraid of going through the craziest tests to win the game.

The five challenges are the real test of fire for each couple as they will see their skill, strength, balance, endurance and speed tested. The partners will unknowingly attempt to make true a bet made by the other partner, without previous consultancy between them.

Cove (Gabriel Coveșeanu) hosts the show assisted by Ionuț Iftimoaie and Andreea Tonciu.

My Partner Knows! is an original Turkish format, “Ben Bilmem Esim Bilir”,  aired on Kanal D Romania in 2013.

19Jun 2021
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Cabbage TV


Cabbage TV is a 30-minute satire comedy series. The series follows the everyday life at a TV station where everything goes wrong. The shows on air are inappropriate, the rating is low, the employees should not be working because they are not mentally sane and last, but not least, the technical equipment is broken and causes constant problems. Cabbage TV is the place where television reaches the most absurd levels.

The series mocks all the flaws of what we have called for more than 70 years The Small Screen: the need for sensationalism, unjustified exposure to violence, aggressive promotion of celebrities and public figures, the lackluster tendency of talk-shows to revolve always around the same, aggressive promotion of its television network and so much more.

Cabbage TV is an original Zucchero Media format. The show aired on Kanal D between 2008-2009.

19Jun 2021
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Memories is a reality-show where ordinary people revisit the past to remember their first love story.  Emotions run high in this series as men and women, younger and older, get a chance to encounter once again the person who made their hearts tremble like no one else.

In each edition, the suffering of the past gets a chance to closure or heal once and for all. Each story is diverse as some life stories are sad, while others have a happy ending.

As a bonus, a guest star shares some spicy details of her first love story.

Gelu Voicu hosts the show.

Memories is an original KRO format, aired on Romantica TV in 2007.

19Jun 2021
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Overdraft Family

Overdraft family is a life-changing docu-reality show. It is a unique format that combines heartbreaking storylines and drama with information and entertainment. In each episode, a family undergoes an intense experience as they see their home, accounts, minds and souls being put to the test in the hope of improving their overall life.

Broken families go through a compromising process, as they get guidance from a personal trainer who will help them overcome the crisis and face their vices.

Claudiu Maier, under the pseudonym Vladimir Sturz, hosted the show.

Overdraft family is an original Armoza Formats, broadcasted by the public channel TVR2 between 2007-2008.

19Jun 2021
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The Pranksters

The Pranksters is a hidden camera television show which sees a group of children between the ages of 7 and 15 playing tricks on adults.

Their imagination knows no boundaries and the fun is doubled by the reaction of the adults at the end when they find out that they were the victims of an innocent prank.

The Pranksters is an original Zucchero Media format, aired over the years by several television stations: on Prima TV and Național TV starting 2011 and on the public channel TVR 2 since 2021.