Cabbage TV


Cabbage TV is a 30-minute satire comedy series. The series follows the everyday life at a TV station where everything goes wrong. The shows on air are inappropriate, the rating is low, the employees should not be working because they are not mentally sane and last, but not least, the technical equipment is broken and causes constant problems. Cabbage TV is the place where television reaches the most absurd levels.

The series mocks all the flaws of what we have called for more than 70 years The Small Screen: the need for sensationalism, unjustified exposure to violence, aggressive promotion of celebrities and public figures, the lackluster tendency of talk-shows to revolve always around the same, aggressive promotion of its television network and so much more.

Cabbage TV is an original Zucchero Media format. The show aired on Kanal D between 2008-2009.