Coach Trip


The reality-show „Super Trip” unites in a coach 5 pairs of contestants who never have met before. They will travel around Romania for 9 weeks. Andi Vasluianu is their tour guide and he is the one who eggs the pairs on taking in the famous sights and experience of our country.
The activities that the contestants have to go through are various: from the funniest to the most dangerous ones. The pairs have one gowl: to stay in this trip as long as possible. In this way, they have the opportunity to visit more roumanian sightseeings.
The tourists are from different backgrounds, they have opposite characters acting differently in the same situation but they have to live togheter as close companions along the journey.
The contest is easy to follow: at the every end of an episode, the pairs have to vote, face to face, for their least favourite travel companion. Gain the most votes twice and the least liked couple is sent home to be replaced by a new pair.
Alliances form, disputes, a lot of fun and beautiful places to discover – all these mean Super Trip!

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