All Those Laughs

“All those laughs” is an entertainment show broadcasted on Antena 1 Tv. The hosts are actors Aniela Petreanu and Marius Drogeanu.

The show presents analyses and awards the funny home video catch unawares by amateurs from all the world. In the show there are two teams. Each team is made from two stars and its “captain” Aniela or Marius. It’s a contest in which the competitors must be spontaneous, funny and even good actors. They have to comment upon the funny home video and even to quess how it ends. They must imitate the protagonists of the funny movie. The team who gets more sms from the viewers will be the winning team. The show presents a top of the funniest home video and the viewer who sends the best home video will be awarded.

Produced for Antena 1.

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