Extreme Make Over: Home


„Visuri la cheie” is an American reality television series (Extreme makeover home edition) providing home improvements for families that faced some sort of recent or ongoing hardship.
Hope’s messenger is Dragoş Bucur who’s mission is to present real life stories of the families, to live emotions with those families and to bring a little smile on their faces.

Homes of less fortunate families will be renovated by Dragoş Bucur and his experts: Alina Vîlcu, Adela Pârvu, Andrei Samoil.

Over 200 people are involved on this show: volunteers, building teams, architects, designers and decorators.
First season statistics shows that we used 300 sqm of faience and gritstone, 500 sqm of floor parquet, 2000 litres of washable paint, 25 tones of cement.