Find my Family


The format “Find My Family” tries to find the answer to some questions like: “Who is my mother? “ ,” Why I was given for adaption?”, “ Where can I find my father?”,

” How does my brother look like?” . The show’s aim is to find the relatives to the one who knows nothing about his family.

The show has a special mission and the most exciting moment is that they have the chance to meet the one that will change their life and complete their soul: a mother, a son, a father, a brother and so on.

“ Find My Family” is an original format owned by KRO broadcasted in Holland 19 years ago and even in this days it is a very popular show. It was also broadcasted with success in Spain, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland , Norway but also in USA and Australia.

In Romania, KanalD was the TV channel which the show was produced for. The “Find My Family” hosts were Raluca Moianu and Eduard Petru.