Help! I Need to Lose Weight

Help! I Need to Lose Weight is a reality television series that depicts ordinary men and women undergoing lifestyle changes to get rid of extra pounds. They are helped throughout the series by two experts, Cornelia Marin, a nutritionist and Stelian Tufaru, a fitness instructor.

The participants decide, for various reasons, to turn their weight around. Such reasons may include lack of self-esteem, medical requirements, etc. Some episodes featured new moms who wished to return to their previous figures.

Cornelia Marin has over 15 years of experience in nutrition; she acts as an adviser, showing the participants the steps to follow for a perfect figure.

Stelian Tufaru is a fitness instructor, his role in the series is to motivate the participants to engage in physical activity even after reaching the desired weight.

The show premiered on Prima TV in 2013, running for two seasons. In 2018, the show returned with new episodes.

Help! I Need to Lose Weight is an original Zucchero Media format.