Killer Karaoke


Stefan Stan is the tv host for Killer Karaoke, an american show sold in order to be brodcasted in 100 states.
For many people to sing live on a stage is a real challenge.
The contestants of Killer Karaoke must not stop from singing while something is going wrong around them or even with them.
Each edition is formed by 3 rounds and a final. During each round, there are two contestants who sing, one after another, while they are expose to a shock therapy, they make acquaintace with some unfriendly snakes or they have to cool down in front of three powerful fans. At the end of every round, the public is the one who decides which one of the two contastants will remain in the show.
In the final the three semi-finalists votted by the audience have to sing together a hit while they make efforts to stand up on a moving disk.
Only one contestant can win the big prize which it’s equal with the seconds that the contestant succedes to stay on the disk.

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