My Partner Knows!

My Partner Knows! is a TV game show aimed at couples in love. Four couples have a chance to win a car if they can prove that they worth the grand prize. During the program, the partners must demonstrate that they know each other very well, that they are spontaneous and supportive and that they are not afraid of going through the craziest tests to win the game.

The five challenges are the real test of fire for each couple as they will see their skill, strength, balance, endurance and speed tested. The partners will unknowingly attempt to make true a bet made by the other partner, without previous consultancy between them.

Cove (Gabriel Coveșeanu) hosts the show assisted by Ionuț Iftimoaie and Andreea Tonciu.

My Partner Knows! is an original Turkish format, “Ben Bilmem Esim Bilir”,  aired on Kanal D Romania in 2013.