The Eye of the Mother-in-Law

The Eye of the Mother-in-Law is a reality-show that contains all the elements of an entertaining show: delicious humor, domestic conflicts and important life lessons.

Is the husband too lazy? Is the wife dissatisfied with him for watching TV all the time? Here it is! The conflict only one expert can fix: the Mother-in-Law. For a week, the Mother-in-Law (on one side of the family) will move into their house to solve the spouses’ problems.

Of course, the solutions the Mother-in-Law will use are well-known: the teasing, the rummaging through things, but especially the nose stuck everywhere… especially where there is none of her business! With her special methods, Mother-in-Law is guaranteed to bring peace to the family or make things worse.

The Eye of the Mother-in-Law is an original Zucchero Media format, aired on channel Antena 1 in 2009.