The Football Fans Championship

“The Football Fans Championship” it’s a game show that puts face to face two supporters teams of football clubs and these must demonstrate their devotion for the favorite football team . The “ games” between supporters are eliminatory and the winning team goes on the next stage of the contest. The fans have to take several tests to demonstrate their football knowledges, the capacity to back up with arguments their option for a particular football club, the originality, the courage, the inventiveness and sometimes to demonstrate that they have a good musical ear. The viewers have the chance to see how far can go a supporter passion for the colours of his favorite team and to decide voting by sms which team deserve to qualify in the next stage of the contest. Each team has his own captain a well known figure of the public life and the tests of the contest recorded in the studio goes along with archives images with “golden moments” in the clubs history and with the most important stories of some fanatics supporters told by themselves and interviews with VIP who confess their preferences regarding football.

Produced for Prima TV, the hosts of the show are Gina Pistol and Bogdan Talaşman.

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