The Hypnotic World

The Hypnotic World is the first hypnosis show in Romania, having Vlad Grigorescu as specialist.

Eight people chosen from the stage audience are subjects to hypnosis, becoming, therefore, the stars of the show. Without any previous rehearsal, the hypnotherapist turns them into the most spontaneous people, eager and capable of doing the most extraordinary things.

After going through several tests to put them into a trance, the eight participants will do whatever the hypnotherapist tells them to do. They could walk and talk like a Martian or they could think they are an orchestra conductor or they can even sing and dance like Elvis Presley. Nothing is left to chance in this show. The participants are safe no matter what they are required to do.

Viewers at home and the stage audience enjoy equally the show.  After the show, the participants can realize they can do things they never thought they could do.

The Hypnotic World is an original Sony Pictures format, aired on Prima TV in 2009.