The Hypnotic World




“The Hypnotic World” is an entertaining, comedic reality format where ordinary people find themselves doing rather extraordinary things. The show was produced for PrimaTv.

Eight members of the studio audience are hypnotised and become the stars of the show. Without any rehearsal, the Hypnotist Presenter transforms them into the most outrageous and spontaneous performers. They become the participants of many tried and tested hypnotic comedy routines and become funnier than they or their friends ever thought possible!

The eight hypnotised participants will believe whatever the hypnotist tells them. They may suddenly find themselves talking and behaving like a Martian; conducting and imaginary orchestra; believing a football has turned into a rabbit or singing like Elvis Presley. A hypnotic trance, under the controlled and safe entertainment conditions of “The Hypnotic World”, is so powerful it can be used to temporarily change a person’s entire perception of everything around them.

As wells as the laugh-out-loud entertainment of “The Hypnotic World”, the format has another major hook for a prime time television audience – the sheer fascination and wonder of the power of hypnosis. It is an other worldly, almost paranormal phenomenon with a jaw dropping curiosity factor. Even sceptical viewers will watch and marvel at the outlandish antics of eight totally unrehearsed members of the public performing like seasoned comedy entertainers.