The Phone

The Phone won the Emmy Award for “Best Television Format” in 2009.

In this hectic and nerve-racking race against time, two contestants choose to have their daily lives disrupted in order to participate in a contest that could bring them money.

Somewhere in the city, two mobile phones are placed randomly in different places. Both will ring at the same time. Anyone can pick up the phone and answer… If they do, a voice will tell them that they can earn a substantial amount of money – 10,000 lei.

If they accept the voice dare, the two people must perform five tasks. These challenges will bring the two candidates together, as they try to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goal: winning the prize of 10,000 lei. In the end, only one of them wins!

Virgil Ianţu narrates and presents the show.

The Phone is an original Park Lane TV format, aired on Prima TV in 2009.