The Phone


In this hectic and nerve-racking race against time two candidates are pulled out of normal life and take part in an exhilarating game that takes place in a world beyond the one we all know. Somewhere in the city two separate cell phones are placed at different random locations, both phones will ring at approximately the same time…. Anyone can pick up the phone…. If they do, a voice will tell them that they can win a substantial amount of money, namely  10.000 lei! From that moment on, the two individuals who had the courage to pick up the phone will need to complete five assignments. These assignments will bring these two complete strangers together and they will try to overcome all obstacles to achieve their final goal; 10.000 lei ,but in the end only one can win.

The format won in 2009 Emmy Award for the best tv format. In Romania, “The Phone” is produced for PrimaTv and its host is Virgil Ianţu.