The Sour Patch

The Sour Patch is a reality-show full of humor, tears, conflicts and lessons that may change your life.

At the beginning of a marriage, everything goes smoothly, but then there comes a time when quarrels become a matter of everyday life. Arguments and reproaches seem to fly from one spouse to the other incessantly. When everything seems hopeless, only one person can solve the situation. And no, it’s not the couples therapist… it’s only “the mother-in-law”, also known, in the Romanian folklore, as “The Sour Patch”.

Bag and baggage apart, “the mother-in-law” comes packed with solutions to any problems inside the household, as she is determined to restore the peace between those she loves.

The Sour Patch is an original Zucchero Media format, broadcasted in 2011 on National TV.