Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a reality-show that catches people while at work. Each episode features a person of the upper management of a large company who goes undercover for a week as an entry-level employee to discover the realities of their business.

At the end of the apprentice week, after he will find out the problems his people experiencing and the efforts they are making, the Boss reveals his identity and rewards his loyal employees through promotions, financial aids, or better working conditions.

The experience is intended to change not only the Boss’s views on his business but also the way employees view their role in the company and their workplace.

Among the companies that participated in the show are Blue Air, BGS, Alka, Fan Courier, Râureni, Electrica SA, Glovo, Spartan.

Undercover Boss is an original Studio Lambert format, broadcasted by PRO TV since 2019.