Wheel of Fortune


“Wheel of Fortune” is a game show in which three contestants compete to solve word puzzles (similar to those used in Hangman game) to win prizes and/or cash.
Three contestants take turns spinning the Wheel to determine a point value and guess a consonant, earning the value multiplied by how many times the guessed letter appears in the puzzle.
Calling a correct letter keeps the Wheel in the contestant’s control and a wrong letter passes control to the next contestant.
The Wheel is divided into 24 spaces representing point values and other strategic elements used in the show (Punishment, Lose a turn, Bankrupt etc.). Also Wheel has special good spaces: 20.000 cash, a car, surprise, other prizes (from sponsors – pairs of shoes, trips, plastics surgeries, etc.)
At the start of his/her turn, a contestant has three choices: spin the Wheel, buy a vowel or solve the puzzle.
When a contestant correctly solves a puzzle keeps the points earned on that round and the other two contestant’s jackpots are erased.
After playing three rounds, the “winner” is the contestant who has won the highest score (by cumulative points). The winner then plays the “bonus round”.
In Romania, “Wheel of Fortune” is produced for KanalD. The host of the show is Liviu Varciu who is successfully assisted by Ana Maria Barnoschi.