Win Your Country!

Win Your Country! is a 48-minutes studio-based quiz show, a competition between three contestants who get presented with general knowledge questions related to a specific country.

The purpose? Each correct answer helps the contestants “conquer” the country, county by county. At the end of each round, the contestant with the fewest correct answers gets eliminated. Those two who will leave the competition can win an amount of money by answering to supplementary questions.

In round three, the finalist gets three minutes to answer as many questions as possible to win money. The prize of the edition consists of a specific sum of money multiplied by the number of counties conquered by him during the whole competition.

The finalist has also the option to return the following edition and to stay in the game until eliminated by another contender.

The finalist who manages to win ten consecutive editions gets the Grand Prize of the Show – a car.

Win Your Country! is an original Zucchero Media format. It debuted the public channel TVR2 in 2017. Virgil Ianțu has been the host of the show since its premiere.

In 2017 and 2020, TV Mania magazine named Win Your Country! as The Best Game Show on TV, based on a readers’ poll.

In 2017, Win Your Country! took part in the Eurovision Creative Forum, organized by EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

A year later, the show was selected to compete in the finals of the International Format Awards 2018, in the category “Best Studio-Based Game Show Format”.